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Our goal throughout the entire process is to provide our client with a creative and thoughtfully designed project that responds to our client's goals.

We are at all times willing to listen not only the client, but the contractor and make every effort to ensure that the resulting project is the most efficient expenditure of resources. We believe that our focus on client satisfaction and our practical design 

experience makes us uniquely qualified  and positioned to provide our clients with an outstanding level of service while creating a unique, functional, and well received facilities that will be relevant and useful for years to come.


David Shrontz
Principal Architect


Dave is a graduate of Washington State University with over 28 years of experience in retail and commercial architecture working as an architect for several large retailers and most recently, the principal architect at d'Zign group.  In addition to the role of principal architect, Dave has applied his years of commercial architecture experience to lead the firm's commercial division.  

Chad W.C. Dodson

Lead Designer

Chad has gained 22 years of experience in the field of architecture working as a designer and illustrator for a local architectural firm as well as a national firm and most recently, partner at d'Zign group. As the firm's lead designer, Chad is able to apply his practical experience and intuition to our client's projects and visions.

Ryan T Neary

Project Architect

Ryan has over 22 years of experience in the field of commercial and residential architecture. After receiving his Masters in Architecture from the University of Idaho, he was trained as a commercial architect in Boise and went on to work for a developer and homebuilder in Spokane, Washington.  Ryan joined d'Zign group as a partner in 2015 leading our residential division.

Anthony j. Zanetti
Managing Partner

Tony has nearly 22 years of experience in the field of architecture and interior design working as a designer for several large firms and most recently, a partner at d'Zign group. What started out as a two person partnership has grown and developed into a multi faceted company serving both the commercial and residential sectors.

John Neary
Project Manager

John comes to us with 10 years of experience in residential design and construction documentation.  A talented designer, he excels at understanding the client's thoughts and ideas and translates those into the built environment.  John received his Masters in Architecture from the University of Idaho in 2012.

Andrea Moyer-Farmer


Andee holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Idaho and is licensed in Idaho.  She has 15 years experience in various size firms in Coeur d'Alene and Boise.  Andee leads our production staff.

Brennan Jorgensen
Architect in Training

After completing his internship with us during 2021, Brennan joins us as part of our production team with the goal of gaining the experience and knowledge necessary to become a licensed architect.  Brennan brings a polished rendering skill set that allows us to provide clients with realistic images of their projects.  Brennan is a graduate of the University of Idaho, holding a degree in architecture.

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